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Whether you are just starting your new dance journey to learn the basics or an experienced dancer looking for that extra boost to take your training to the next level.


Rediscover your body

Dance is an incredible way to look after both your physical and mental health. The physical movement of a dance or fitness class can help work out any day-to-day stress.

Street Dance


Street Dance gets its name from its origin: on the streets of cities around the world, particularly New York. Street dance includes styles like Hip Hop, Popping, Locking, Breakdancing and many more as it grows in popularity and new styles continue to be created within the Street genre.

The Street dance style has expanded rapidly in recent years to new audiences influencing not only dance but also music, clothing and more. Often seen as a less ‘formal’ style of dance, Hip Hop explores a modern way of movement with creative new ideas about dance and it has a lot to offer!

With our Hip Hop course, you can learn some new fun dance skills in this ever-popular style. Feel the funk and get in the groove as we take you through some basics that you are going to love with music you can’t help but want to dance to. This is the perfect way to not only enjoy dancing but also relieve stress, gain body confidence and have fun!

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5 Part Street Dance Course


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This course will teach you the basics of street dance, introducing you to the style with old school hip hop moves like 2 steps and shamrocks as well as beginners popping. You will then be able to follow along as we apply this foundation knowledge to choreography and freestyle and start your journey to become a Street dancer. This course is taught by the incredible Rhys Devlin who makes these steps easy to understand and follow along. You can also pause, rewind and rewatch to continue your practice and continue the fun.

For this course, you will need some space clear of any tripping hazards, comfortable clothing and footwear and some water.


The Dance Studio Online

Street Dance Tricks & Tips

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