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Dance is an incredible way to look after both your physical and mental health. The physical movement of a dance or fitness class can help work out any day-to-day stress.



Jazz has long been one of the most popular styles of dance from the funky Commercial Jazz in many music videos to the balletic Contemporary Jazz that has graced stages for years, to the intricate stylised moves of Broadway/Musical Theatre Jazz. Choreographers like Bob Fosse have revolutionised Jazz dancing in Hollywood transforming Jazz into all the fun, upbeat dances we see on our TV screens every day.

Learn to kick, leap and turn in our Jazz course and have fun with these classic moves. Feel the glitz of Hollywood while working out with classes that will take you through some basic steps and teach you jazz technique all while improving your strength, coordination and flexibility.

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The Dance Studio Online

5-Part Jazz Dancing Course


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Through this course you will learn the basics of Jazz technique and how to perform and perfect some simple moves. After a warmup you will be taken through kicks, turns and leaps with an insight into some Jazz terminology and techniques to help you work to perfect the foundations of Jazz. All of this is brought together with some fun sequences to really get you moving! Carefully explained by our expert instructor Rachel Ensor, you will find everything broken down into manageable sections. With our amazing on-demand videos you can always pause, rewind and rewatch as many times as you want to get all your moves perfected.

All you need for this course is some clear space free of tripping hazards and you can follow along in comfortable clothing/footwear. Have some water ready and take a break whenever you need it!

The Dance Studio Online

Jazz Tricks & Tips

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