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Irish Dancing


Irish dancing has a long history and tradition, entertaining and delighting people for many years as a cultural folk dance style. More recently of course it has come to the forefront with shows such as ‘Riverdance’ and ‘Lord of the Dance’ bringing Irish dancing to new audiences all over the world. With energetic rhythms and incredible fast footwork, Irish dancing has transformed into an art form for everyone to enjoy.

And now you can too! No matter where you are from or what your background is, this course is designed to help you learn and enjoy the basics of Irish dancing. Both a great workout to build fitness, flexibility and coordination as well as a fun hobby for music and culture fans, this Irish dance course is great for getting moving and you will be ready to impress friends and family every St. Patrick’s Day!

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5 Part Irish Dancing Course


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Here you will be introduced to Irish dancing, covering some of the basic Irish dancing techniques including crossover and turnout as well as learning basic steps like 3s and 7s for a beginners reel and beginners light double jig. This course is led by our expert Irish dance teacher Jason Donnelly who breaks down each step to make it easy to follow along. You can also pause, rewind and rewatch to continue your practice and enjoy your dancing.

All you need for this course is some clear space free of any tripping hazards and you can follow along in your trainers. Have some water ready too and you’re ready to go!

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Irish Dancing Tricks & Tips

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